FLASH - Company Information

FLASH is an interstate transportation company, with 48-state and Canadian authority. We specialize in the transportation of dry bulk commodities. These include, but are not limited to:




Fly Ash



Brewers' Malt

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FLASH corporate headquarters is located in Green Lake, WI.

Other locations have been established to better serve both the market and our regional customers’ needs. FLASH currently has operations located in the following states:





Upper Michigan


FLASH operates 24 / 7 / 365, with a fleet of 100 tractors and over 150 trailers.

All tractors within the fleet are less than four years old, allowing FLASH to offer customer service with a high level of dependability. The trailers range in size from 1,000 cubic feet to 2,600 cubic feet. Please visit our SERVICES PAGE to view a few pictures of our fleet.

FLASH’s centralized dispatch at our corporate office in Green Lake is staffed 24/7. This part of our operation was implemented in 2000 in order to improve our efficiency, coordination, and procedures. Having dispatch housed at one facility has enabled FLASH to maximize the utilization and efficiency of our employees and equipment. Centralizing dispatch has also allowed FLASH to provide an improved level of communication and service to our customers.

Every FLASH truck is equipped with a Qualcomm satellite communication system. This allows information to be gathered at a more detailed and accurate level, such as mileage rates, speeds, load information, and electronic logs. In addition, it serves as a tool for FLASH’s strict safety program and as a way to control emissions and other regulatory standards. Not only is it used for tracking, communication, and safety, but as a tool to help control our costs.