Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Pay Your Drivers?

Our drivers are paid mileage plus load/unload time.  Our hourly pay is based on tenure.  This is direct deposited every two weeks.  We also pay detention time, when applicable, and per diems if you layover.


How Much Can I Make?

Our local drivers, upon hire, average $1,200 per week or $60,000 per year.  Our OTR drivers, upon hire, average  $1,600 per week or $83,200 per year.  Your pay will depend on how many loads you take and miles you drive.  But of course, this all depends on customer orders.  Our customer base is very steady, however, the industries we service do have periods of fluctuation, whether it be production changes or outages.  There is also an opportunity to earn a safety/performance bonus, as well as an employee referral bonus.


What Will My Hours Be?

The majority of our customers operate on a 24/7/365 schedule which means we do as well.  Drivers have a set start time and a regularly scheduled 5-day work week.  There are often required weekend (6th day) work days, and Dispatch will do as best they can to give advance notice for drivers to plan for weekend work.  We dispatch you, as needed, under FMCSA rules and regulations.


Do You Provide Uniforms?

Yes, our drivers are required to wear company-issued uniform pants and shirts, or an approved equivalent, where uniform service is available.


How Do You Handle Home/Work Life?

At FLASH, we are a family company and know home-life is incredibly important.  That’s why our local drivers are most always home daily and OTR drivers are home on weekends, most often.  There are instances where we need a local driver to stay out overnight or an OTR driver to stay out over a weekend, but not without notice.


Where Do You Deliver?

We have trucks working from locations in Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Minnesota, Upper Michigan and Texas.  The majority of our customers are within the Midwest, Texas/Oklahoma, and Canada.


What Do You Haul?

FLASH specializes in the transportation of dry bulk commodities.  The majority of what we haul is sand, bentonite, lime, plastic, and food grade dry bulk.


Do I Have to Have Pneumatic Experience?

Our new hires are not required to have pneumatic experience, but they must have a minimum of one year tractor/trailer driving experience, a clean driving record, and a solid work history.  All new hires will have about one week of on-the-job training, more if necessary, as it relates to our equipment and the various products we haul.