Welcome to FLASH

Who We Are

FLASH is a family-owned interstate transportation company, with 48-state and Canadian authority.

What We Do

We specialize in the transportation of dry bulk commodities. These include, but are not limited to: Sand, Bentonite, Lime, Fly Ash, Cement, Plastic, and Food Grade.

Why Choose Us

FLASH is a true value-added organization; providing services to customers on the premise of relationships, moral character, and hard work.  Customers are not a commodity; relationships mean something.


Request a Rate

Looking for a rate?  Send us an email to rates@flashtrucking.com.
We look forward to a future relationship with you and your company!

Our Mission:

FLASH is the linkage between dry bulk manufacturers and end users of such commodities. As we grow in an expanding international market, FLASH remains committed to providing the highest quality service. Your expectations of communication, dependability, flexibility, loyalty, and contamination-free deliveries are our priorities. We mandate safe practices as a pledge to our employees, and maintain equipment as a means to preserving the environment.

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